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How Will I Know When I Need a New Cooling System?

A hot summer day without functioning air conditioning can be miserable, so trust Ambient Cooling & Heating for quick and reliable residential cooling repairs and commercial cooling services. While our technicians will always try to repair your system before replacing it, sometimes replacement is inevitable. Our cooling installation services are affordable, convenient, and trustworthy. How can you tell if you might need an entirely new cooling system?

Repeated Repairs

If you find yourself calling for service more months than not, it might be time to replace your cooling system. As your air conditioner ages, different components might reach the top of their lifespan and need replacement. Some parts can be difficult to find after many years, so a replacement is often more cost-effective than the cost of parts and labor. If the cost of repairs for your cooling system is more than half of the cost of a new system, it’s time to upgrade!


Most cooling systems last from 10-15 years, although geothermal units have longer lifespans. If your cooling system is in the middle of this age range or past it, it’s almost always more cost effective to purchase a new system that is energy efficient and reliable instead of completing repairs. New cooling systems are designed to be environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient, so replacing your cooling system will lead to lower energy bills every month as well!

Constant Noise

As air conditioners start to age, they start to lose their efficiency. As a result, they will kick on and stay on for long periods of time without properly cooling your home. If you notice higher energy bills and a system that stays on for longer periods, it might be time for a new residential cooling system. Other noises that are loud and sudden like clanking, groaning, or anything previously unheard are warning signs that something is wrong.

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