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Service Repairs

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare — waking up or coming home to find out that the heating system is broken in the dead of winter or the air conditioning system isn’t working on a hot sticky day. We know that it can be very stressful waiting for a repair technician to show up, so we always show up on time and work hard to get your residential cooling repairs, heat pump repairs, furnace repairs, geothermal unit repairs, and commercial heating and cooling repairs done as quickly as possible. At Ambient Cooling & Heating, we offer HVAC repair services that are affordable, honest, and reliable.

Cooling System

If your air conditioning is having difficulty keeping your home at a comfortable temperature or not working properly, getting cool air flowing throughout your home again is our top priority. We’re skilled at working with many different brands of air conditioners, from older models to the newest energy-efficient ones. What are some signs that your cooling system might need to be repaired?

  • Strange noises like groaning, clanging, whistling, or anything that you haven’t heard before
  • The breakers in your home are being tripped
  • Your air conditioning unit is shutting off frequently without warning
  • Strange smells that could be unpleasant or smell like burning
  • Your home isn’t feeling as cool as it should for as much as the unit is running
  • You have a forced air system, but air is not blowing out from the vents
  • The thermostat seems to be malfunctioning
  • One part of your home is cold and the other parts are not
  • Moisture or puddles around your air conditioning system

Heating System

Dealing with a broken heating system can be a huge hassle. Whether you have a heat pump, boiler, furnace, or geothermal unit, we can take care of examining, diagnosing, and fixing your unit. What are some signs that your heating system might need to be repaired?

  • A couple unusually high gas or electricity bills in a row
  • Strange noises like groaning, clanging, whistling, or anything that you haven’t heard before
  • You haven’t had any scheduled preventative maintenance done in the past year or more
  • There is water pooled around your furnace
  • You smell gas (this is an emergency!)
  • The air coming out through your ducts is barely noticeable
  • The thermostat isn’t working
  • Cold air is coming out from your vents
  • A strange smell like dust or burning that persists after the first time turning it on for the season

Heating and Cooling Systems Services from Ambient Cooling & Heating

If you need quality, expertise, and service that you can trust, choose Ambient Cooling & Heating for all of your heating and cooling system’s needs. We’re known throughout the state of Maryland for our top-notch service and excellent response times and work throughout Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Carroll County, and the lower portion of Baltimore County. We take pride in offering our residential and commercial customers high quality services at competitive price points. Trust a small, family-owned business with over 50 years of combined experience for your residential heating and cooling services and commercial heating and cooling services. Give us a call at 410-761-0932 or contact us today!