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Benefits of a Geothermal Unit

Geothermal units are rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to their sustainability, value, and energy efficiency. Ambient Cooling & Heating stocks a selection of geothermal heat pumps that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Why are geothermal units such a great option?


Geothermal units are incredibly efficient and use the ground beneath your house as a place to store and release energy — but don’t worry, they aren’t as complicated as they sound! Geothermal units involve underground pipes that are filled with water or antifreeze. These pipes are attached to a geothermal heat pump that performs both heating and cooling duties. In the winter, the pipes take heat from the earth and move it to the heat pump, where it’s then distributed throughout your duct system. In the winter, the heat pump takes hot air out of your home and transfers it to the ground. Instead of burning fuel for warmth, geothermal units take existing heat and move it around. As a result, they’re the most efficient heating and air conditioning units on the market.

Cost Effectiveness

Geothermal units require a greater upfront cost but pay off in the short and long terms. Geothermal heat pumps typically save homeowners 30-60% on their heating bills and 20-50% on their cooling costs when compared with a furnace or traditional HVAC unit. You also don’t need to worry about purchasing fuel or storing it, as the fuel itself is the heat in and around your home. They also last for over 50 years and require only basic maintenance throughout that period, eliminating regular costs for repairs or replacement.


The biggest difference between other traditional HVAC units and geothermal units is that geothermal units are incredibly environmentally friendly. The energy that is distributed throughout the system from the heat in and around your home is renewable energy. Even better, geothermal units do not emit any carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or greenhouse gases. The heat pump itself will consume some electricity, but it will be much less than a traditional unit would consume.

Geothermal Services from Ambient Cooling & Heating

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