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Winter Energy Tips for Your Office

Learn how to be energy efficient in your office!

Energy efficiency is important throughout the year, but it plays an especially large role during the winter months when energy bills can skyrocket. Before you deal with steep energy bills this winter, pay attention to these winter energy tips for your office.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

A regular maintenance schedule is an essential part of keeping an HVAC system in good condition. A heating system that is not properly cleaned and maintained will not be running at peak efficiency, so you will be paying more on your energy bills and paying to replace it soon. To ensure optimal energy efficiency, give Ambient Cooling & Heating a call today to schedule your maintenance check-up.

Check Your Thermostats

During your seasonal maintenance appointment, have your thermostats calibrated. By matching all of your thermostats, you will have an even and energy efficient HVAC system. Next, take the time to program them carefully based on building activity periods. Don’t forget to set separate schedules for the many different holidays where office workers won’t be occupying the building.

Fix Anything in Disrepair

It sounds obvious, but repairing any part of your heating system that isn’t working properly is very important. Even if you follow every other winter energy tip, a broken system will never give you a great result. Your maintenance technician will check to see if any equipment needs to be cleaned or replaced and also make sure no dangerous conditions are present (like carbon monoxide slowly leaking out as a result of imperfect burning).

Swap Out Filters

This piece of seasonal maintenance is critical before the heating is turned on every day. Dirty filters will make your HVAC system work much harder and consequently cause your bills to rise. You should plan on changing your filters four times a year as the seasons change if your office has normal use. However, if you have lots of dust present in the workplace, consider changing things more often.

Heating Tips from Ambient Cooling & Heating

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