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The Top Most Common Reasons For A Broken Air Conditioning Unit

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Understanding why your air conditioner is broken can help you resolve the issue faster and more efficiently.

Heating and air conditioning is possibly the most significant advancement in civilization in the last two hundred years. It allows us to literally change the climate around us, affecting everything from comfortability to reliability. So when it breaks, and we’ve been spoiled our whole lives, it’s a big deal. The simplest way to prevent an issue to schedule regular preventive maintenance checks, although most people don’t. It cannot be stressed enough how important these are; it’s the same principle behind checking your car or your body regularly, but possibly more expensive. Problems that begin small can escalate greatly, even to the point of whole system replacement if you’re not careful. Fortunately, sometimes the problem is much smaller.

Either It’s Electrical

One of the most common reasons your HVAC unit won’t turn on is that the capacitor has blown. This is not a major problem! The capacitor is the electrical conduit through which all the system’s energy passes. Its repair can be as simple as removing and replacing the faulty part!

Or It’s A Clog

Given that there are so many different types of liquids passing through an HVAC system, in various states of condensation, clogs do happen. The problem with your unit can be as obvious as clogged filters (again, something easily prevented with regular maintenance checks,) or a clogged filter drier. The filter drier is what absorbs system contaminants and provides filtration. These will need to be replaced from time to time, but as long as you’re on top of it, the repair costs will remain reasonable.

Or, Worst Case Scenario, It’s A Leak!

Most commonly, the problem with your unit is a refrigerant leak. Over time, tubes and pipes wear down and shift placement, causing leaks as small as pinholes or significant enough that a major component needs to be replaced. An easy Freon leak means it will only be necessary to braze the hole and replace the drained Freon, which, according to EPA standards, you can only do once in the life of your unit. A bigger one may mean that enough Freon has leaked to damage a major component, like the motor of the compressor, which could lead to a major system overhaul or replacement itself, which could be an opportunity to go green! Stay on top of your unit, and you shouldn’t have to face these big problems!

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