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Tips on Saving Air Conditioning Energy

Tips on Saving Air Conditioning Energy
Though the heat may rise, your air conditioning bills don’t have to! Read on for these energy saving tips.

We could always do better in knowing how to save on our air conditioning bills. The hot, humid Maryland summers can present a challenge as we try to keep costs lower. Despite the heat, there are several tips of how to keep your house refreshingly cool in the summer, yet not break the bank. Read on to find out!

Set the Thermostat High

Set the thermostat to a higher temperature, around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer the thermostat is set to what the outside temperature is, the less work the air conditioner will have to exert. Make sure to place your thermostat away from appliances, as your thermostat will pick up on the heat from them and generate more cool air than necessary.

Turn on Fans and Open Windows

Besides the air conditioner, electric fans and a cool evening breeze can assist with indoor temperatures. There’s no need to rely on the AC totally; give it a break and let the fan cool you off where you are. Or, if the evening is cool and not muggy, open some windows to help get fresh air flowing in your home.

Keep the Light Low

Lighting also plays a role in your home’s temperature. One way to reduce warm temperatures is to turn off the lights. Only keep on lights as you need, and turn them off as you go. Reducing the amount of sunlight in your house, depending on the time of day, also will help.

Target Specific Rooms

Another way to save on AC costs is to target specific rooms. A portable air conditioner can help keep a much-used room cool without spending as much energy. Closing the vents to the basement will help trap cool air on the main floor where you want it most. When you’re not home, you can keep the temperature at a high level, and only lower it when you are in the house. In addition, you may also want to check that your house is well-insulated to begin with.

Maintain Your AC Unit

Even so, with all these tips, it may be the source that is the problem. Maintain your AC unit by changing the filter once every couple months, and have a professional HVAC company check your unit annually to keep it running at its best. If you find that your current unit is on its last legs, it may be time for a change.

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