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Tips For Buying A New Air Conditioner

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Staying cool in the hot summer months is important!

Here on the east coast, when it gets hot, it gets unbearable. So when your air conditioning fails you, it’s likely a moment of panic sets in. Is it broken? Is this the end? How will you eat if you have to get a new air conditioner? Such panic is not totally necessary. The main thing to remember when it’s time to get a new air conditioner is that doing your research is the biggest thing you can do to help yourself. Although HVAC repair and installation is a highly specialized field requiring schooling and years of experience, it’s not rocket science. The layman can certainly gain an understanding of what’s necessary and what can commonly go wrong. If it’s time to buy a new system, walk through it with a few simple tips.

Shop Around!

Don’t sell yourself to the lowest bidder. If you think about it, an unusually low bid should speak to a bigger issue – a new HVAC unit should typically cost between $6,000 to $7,500 to install completely, including gas, ductwork, thermostat, and unit. Unless you live in a mansion or the desert, you shouldn’t be looking at much more or less. Get bids from multiple contractors, between 3 and 4, and make sure you ask them questions. Read reviews online, and be skeptical of companies who have no bad reviews. Get a packaged deal where the installation company agrees to perform preventive maintenance and filters changes for a number of years post installation. Have them check all the rooms in your house, including attic and basement, to be able to accurately calculate the amount of tonnage necessary to efficiently heat your home.

Let’s Talk Technical

Tonnage doesn’t mean what you think it means – it actually refers to the cooling power of your air conditioning unit, a bit like horsepower for your engine. The average 2,000 square foot house, for example, should require a 5-ton unit. Know what’s required so you don’t allow yourself to be upsold. In terms of brands and SEER value, it’s the same scenario. Brands like Carrier and Bryant are actually made with the same internal components. Additionally, although SEER value (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) sounds like a bargain when it’s pitched, it’s oftentimes not relevant to your living conditions. You don’t need a 17 SEER unit in an area with a mild climate. Know your needs and don’t be afraid to ask for them!

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