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7 Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Seven Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Save money on your energy bills this winter!

Winter can be a hard time on your wallet when it comes to your heating bill. Not only do energy prices often go up in the winter, if you’re not following proper care and maintenance on your home and HVAC you might be feeling the effects. There are several ways to help reduce your heating bills, but maintaining your HVAC is one of the most important.

Keep Out Window Drafts

If you live in an older home window drafts can be a particularly severe problem. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce the chill while you’re waiting to afford new windows. Start by ensuring that the seals of your windows are properly closed if there are gaps you may want to use foam caulking or temporary methods to keep them sealed. Next, try using a window insulating sealer, like a heat wrapping to help add a layer of protection. Lastly, thick drapes and curtains that hang close to the window can help block drafty areas significantly.

Use The Sun

If you’re using drapes and blinds, be sure to open them during the day to let in the valuable light and heat from the sun. In south facing windows, in particular, the heat of the sun can help keep your home significantly warmer throughout the day. Just be sure to keep that heat in by closing up any curtains over drafty areas after the sun has gone down.

Adjust Temperatures

Keeping your thermostat lower can help reduce your costs by a significant amount. Using small space heaters to heat just the occupied rooms makes a huge difference. At night you can also try reducing the temperature by 10º to 15º without it being too noticeable. If you have a newer system with a timer set up, you can program your heating unit to drop the temperature at night and to rise just before you get up to keep your home comfortable and efficient night and day.

Seal Leaks

Sometimes when holes are cut in your home for utilities to be put in the resulting holes is not as well sealed or insulated as it should be. Ensuring that any such holes are fully sealed with caulking and weather stripping can help significantly. If you have an unfinished basement or sections behind cabinets and closets that are left open, you may want to invest in insulating them better to help reduce drafts.

Maintain Your Heating System

Your HVAC and heating system should be on a regular maintenance schedule which can help ensure that it is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. By providing that your system is clean and working well, you’ll save money and have a more comfortable home.

Reduce Fireplace Heat Loss

While fireplaces are a great way to improve the warmth of your home without adding to the heating bill they can also let cold air in when not used properly. If the fireplace damper is left open, it can be the same as having a fully open window. Always ensure that the damper is adequately fitted, capable, and kept closed when not in use.

Lower Your Water Heater

Last but not least, one of the most effective ways to reduce your monthly bills is to only lower the temperature on your hot water heater by a smidge. In many cases, hot water heaters are running far hotter than they need to for daily usage and this can result in significantly higher bills.

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