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How to Save Energy and Keep the Office Cool at the same time

Do you want to help save money and energy for your office’s air conditioner unit? These tips will help you save energy and keep cool at the same time.

With the summer months quickly approaching this almost mean those days when the temperature is unbearable. Keeping cool during those times are easy at home during the weekend but, when you’re working a nine to five job, Monday through Friday the air conditioning unit used to keep your office building cool may not be able to run as efficiently during those hotter days of summer. In this post, you will find out some ideas of how to both keep your office cool but also to be energy efficient with your air conditioning unit during the summer months at the office. 

Consistency is Key

Every employee has a different tolerance for how cool they will all the air conditioning to go. Some like it to a deep freezer and others only like it to be a few degrees cooler than what it might be outside. Though to keep your air conditioner performing well you will have to regulate the unit by having it set to a constant temperature. It’s best to tell your employees about this new practice and that it will be constant at the office. With these changes, you will be able to save energy and energy costs while doing this.

Dim the Lights

If you have windows in your office at first in the morning it’s pretty nice depending on where you are you could see the sunrise but as the day goes by it may change, especially during the summer months. The amount of light coming into your office can cause it to warm up to make it almost intolerable. To ward off the high temperature in your office, have some shades or curtains installed to contain the heat on the hottest days of the summer. By doing this it will allow your air conditioner to not work as hard during the summer. If there is any hot air still being felt in your office before you leave for the day go ahead and open a window and allow hot air to escape while allowing the cool air to come in.

Give your A/C a Break

One of the best things you can do is once everyone from the office leave for the day is to turn off the air conditioner. Some units have a timer on it so it can be set during business hours only but some need to be turned off manually. Also, you can have the unit turned off during the weekend, by doing this you are saving energy by not having it run while no one is in the office and not having it feel like an igloo when you come back on Monday.

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