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How to Save Energy in Your Home this Fall

How to Save Energy in Your Home this Fall

While a fireplace can help keep your home toasty warm in the fall and winter, you should be aware of proper fireplace maintenance to save energy.

With the temperatures falling as we shift from summer into fall, many peoples’ energy needs are changing. It can be difficult to save money and energy while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during the fall and winter. Getting an energy audit of your home is also an easy way to find out more about your home and where you save the most, as well as where you need the most work to maintain long-term energy efficiency and savings. Here are some helpful tips for actions you can take, simply and affordably, to help better manage your home’s energy savings this fall.

Cover Drafty Spots

As temperatures cool off, drafty spots in your windows and doors can become more apparent.  This is the perfect opportunity to put some energy-saving window covers on to help keep your home warm through the winter. You can use heavy-duty sheets of clear plastic to seal your window frames tightly with tape in order to prevent draftiness, and then outfit the windows with tight-fitting shades or drapes to insulate them.

Identify Leaks

You may not always be aware of the draftiness that comes from air leaks around chimneys, pipes, lights, and the spaces behind closets and cupboards. Luckily, they can be easy to identify and seal with caulking and weather stripping. Sealing air leaks this fall will help save energy as well as prepare your home for efficient heating through the winter.

Heat System Maintenance

Routine service and maintenance is very important to making sure your heating system operates at its most efficient this fall. Be sure that filters and heat pumps are replaced if needed, and if you use a wood- or pellet-burning heating system, the inside of the appliance should be totally cleaned to make sure it’s running safely and efficiently.

Dial Down

Turning down the temperature in your home is an extremely simple way to save energy and money during the colder months. Keeping the thermostat down as low as is comfortable while you’re home and awake, and dialing the temperature down 10 to 15 degrees while you’re sleeping can save 10% on your heating costs annually. This also goes for the water heater–turning your water heater down to the warm setting will help boost your energy-saving this fall.

Increase Your Fireplace Efficiency

While a fireplace can help keep your home toasty warm in the fall and winter, you should be aware of proper fireplace maintenance to save energy. It’s important to be sure the damper is always closed when there is no fire burning to avoid major drafts. You should also make sure the flue damper is properly insulated, and it helps to install a heat-air exchange system to keep warm air moving throughout your home. However, if you have a fireplace that you never use, you should plug and seal the chimney flue to improve your home’s insulation.

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