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Repair or Replace? What To Do About Your Air Conditioner

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Make sure your air conditioner can withstand the hot summer months!

During the summer one of the most important products in your home is your air conditioner. When your air conditioner seems to be on the fritz it can always be a difficult decision whether to replace or to pay for repairs. Today we are going to discuss some ways to make that an easier choice for you!

Be Realistic

Almost anything can be repaired and with the right service provider, it can be easier than you think. Keep in mind though that sometimes the cost of repairing could be just as costly as having something new installed in its place. Consider the age of the air conditioner when determining whether you should replace it. Any air conditioner that is over 15 years old may be better to replace than repair. The typical lifespan of a well-functioning air conditioner is 15 years if your air conditioner is breaking down often and in need of repairs frequently, it would benefit you more to replace it.

If your air conditioner is less than ten years old there is very little reason why it should need to be replaced. Most air conditioners this new should be relatively well functioning and still have the capability to continue working with a little tune up. Think of that before spending the big bucks.

Think Investment

The cost of replacing an air conditioner can be pricey and some people would rather pay to have it repaired. Instead of thinking about the replacement of an air conditioner as a costly endeavor, think about it as an investment into the comfort of your own home. If repair costs become too frequent or too high, remember that just buying a new air conditioner is a better use of your money and time.

Think Energy

When you are trying to decide whether to replace or repair your air conditioner consider your energy bills. If your local Electrical Utility Company hasn’t raised the rates but your bills are going up, it may be time to replace your unit. The more energy your air conditioner is sucking to keep going on its last leg the more it will cost you, in the long run, to keep going. Add this to the cost of potential repairs and you may see that you’re paying more than you bargained for.

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