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Reduce Humidity In Your Home

Are you tired of your home being so humid during the summer months? With these tips, you will be able to live in your home during the summer a bit more comfortably.

As summer approaches in Baltimore, that means schools are closed, beach days are around the corner, and the humidity is starting to pick up. When heat and humidity come together, it can make it unbearable anywhere, but it is especially uncomfortable in your home.  Whether you feel sticky and damp or you notice your pet’s odors more than usual, humidity in your home can be a nuisance. In this post, we will give you a few tips on how to reduce humidity in your home, so you and your family can live more comfortably during the summer.   

HVAC Maintenance

If you’ve been overusing your dehumidifiers or A/C to combat the humidity, you may have overworked your HVAC unit and caused it to malfunction. If this has happened to you, get in contact with Ambient Cooling & Heating so we diagnose the issue and fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, depending on how old the unit is or how badly it’s malfunctioning, you may have to get a replacement unit.  

Ventilation and Fans

One of the simplest things you can do to combat humidity in your home is to turn on a fan. A fan will create air circulation, ventilate the room, and helps with evaporation. Fans are especially useful in rooms which are prone to retaining moisture, such as your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Furthermore, if you enjoy a long hot shower to start your day, decreasing the temperature and length of your shower can also help address your humidity issue. As everyone knows, when you take a hot shower, the heat and steam that is produced can linger in the bathroom for a while. This uncomfortable air can spread to other rooms adjacent to the bathroom. A bathroom fan can help circulate that air out of your home, as well as taking shorter, cooler showers.


A dehumidifier can not only help combat humidity in your home, but it also helps fight against allergens in your home. Unbeknownst to some people, allergens like dust mites and others thrive in humidity, thus making home life a bit tougher for anyone that suffers from allergies. Dehumidifiers make it easier for you and your family to breath more easily.

Air Conditioners from Ambient Cooling & Heating

At Ambient we use the latest technology to keep your home the perfect temperature throughout the year. With our knowledge and skills, we offer installation, repairs and preventative maintenance that ensure your comfort in your home or commercial building. Are you interested in our Heating and Cooling Services? Call us today at 410-761-0932 or contact us online. If you are interested in more about heating and cooling services, visit us on our Facebook page or check us out on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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