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Maintenance Tips for Your Geothermal Unit

Have you recently installed a geothermal unit in your home but not sure what the maintenance of the system is yet? With these tips you will know what you will have to be diligently looking to maintain your new unit.

During these times, where everyone is discovering eco-friendly alternatives, the one option that has become popular is Geothermal systems. The value, energy efficiency, and sustainability are the reasons why geothermal units have become in areas like Anne Arundel County and Howard County. Thankfully, as long as your unit was installed correctly by professionals, the required maintenance won’t be as much of a dent in your wallet as other units. In this post, we will go over the maintenance tips of your geothermal unit you may seldom need unless something is wrong with the units moving components.


Mostly the maintenance needed for a geothermal unit is because of the years of wear and tear. There are several inspections your unit will have to undergo to make sure everything is working correctly. One part that needs to be checked is the pipes of the unit itself. These pipes can be damaged by tree roots or sometimes animals.  If you believe your pipes are leaking one of our techs can come and determine if the pipe is leaking or damage. The other part that may need to keep up is the ductwork. The ducts help send the air to the rooms in your home if you think some rooms aren’t being heated or cooled enough there may be a problem. The upkeep for this problem is to check the duct isn’t leaking or damage. Also, for those that own pets be aware that animal fur can clog up your ducts.

Cleaning Filter

Unknown by most people just like a standard HVAC unit, you have to change the filter of a geothermal unit. The filter protects the air coil, which turns warm air to cold and vice versa from dirt and debris from entering it. Not having a clean filter along with other unmaintained parts can lead to a system shutdown.

Maintain Levels

If you decide to install a geothermal unit, there is a permanent solution that you must use and maintain its levels. The solution is a base of water mixed with antifreeze that runs through the pipes of your unit to gather warmth. Just like the antifreeze levels you have in your car, you have to keep a proper reading depending on the season. Doing this will help ensure that the warm or cool air will run throughout your home.

Geothermal Services from Ambient Cooling & Heating

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