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Heating and cooling is made easier with Ambient!

If you are looking for a full-service heating and cooling company, look no further than Ambient Cooling and Heating. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a business, Ambient Cooling and Heating will provide you with the utmost professional and skilled services and products that satisfy any of your heating and cooling needs. From residential to commercial services, your heating and cooling needs are quickly solved by the knowledgeable contractors at Ambient Cooling and Heating.

Residential Services

Homeowner’s require a comfortable home no matter how cold or hot it is outside. With a full-range of services, our skilled contractors will be able to provide you with the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. Furthermore, it is imperative that homeowners have a place that stays warm during the frigid wintery months of Maryland. With Ambient Heating and Cooling services, you can create a seamless system that works to keep you warm during those blistery winter months.

On the other hand, in the summer, homeowners need a system that provides a respite from the humid warm air that creeps it’s way to Maryland. In fact, having a properly working cooling system becomes even more important when the summer heat becomes excessive. Ambient Cooling and Heating can provide your family with a twenty four hour maintenance service and a maintenance plan that will keep your home cool during those insanely warm summer months.

Commercial Services

Do you find employees complaining about the temperature in the office? If so, you may need to invest in a reputable heating and cooling company like Ambient Cooling and Heating. In fact, with over fifty years in the industry, ambient Cooling and Heating is a highly reputable provider of some of the best commercial heating and cooling services throughout the state of Maryland.

If you are looking for a heating and cooling system that will provide you with affordability and expertise, Ambient Cooling and Heating is perfect for you. In fact, we are happy to schedule preventative maintenance appointments to examine how effective your current heating and cooling systems are. Furthermore, this provides us with the ability to perform any maintenance on the systems as required. In fact, conducting routine maintenance on your systems will ensure that any problems are fixed before they become a larger issue. This in turn allows you to save costs on replacing a severely broken down heating or cooling system.

With that being said, repairs are always inevitable. As a result, our team is always here to fix any issues you may have with your heating or cooling systems. By offering efficient and swift service to all our customers, you can rest assured that your office will be comfortable in no time.

Whether you are looking to buy a new heating or cooling system or simply looking to repair your current system, Ambient Cooling and Heating is always there to help your business thrive.

Rooftop Unit Installation Services

Here is where ambient Cooling and Heating rises above the average HVAC company and soars. Offering extensive rooftop services such as installation and repairs, Ambient Cooling and Heating is a magnificent provider of your rooftop installation heating and cooling needs. In fact, installing your heating and cooling units on your rooftop is an excellent way to reduce your overall energy costs. Furthermore, you save space by eliminating any outdoor unit or indoor unit that could take up valuable space. In addition, rooftop units are beneficial to large spaces because they are capable of cooling them down very quickly. This means that your office stands to benefit greatly from a rooftop unit. Therefore, with their affordability and quiet design, rooftop units can go a long way to helping your office feel comfortable throughout the year.

Once you’ve installed your rooftop unit, repairs are inevitable. As a result, you will want to continue to keep your rooftop unit in excellent condition. Therefore, you will want to invest in routine maintenance and prepare for possible repairs.

All The Heating Services You Need

Regardless of size, Ambient Cooling and Heating is here to service you with all the necessary heating service you need. In fact, we provide a host of services that can keep your home and business warm no matter how cold it gets outside. Furthermore, we can install all the proper systems to keep you feeling comfortable in your home and office. In addition, repairing and maintaining your heating system is easier than you think with Ambient Cooling and Heating. We have excellent plans that provide our customers with loyalty rewards, free diagnostics, and unique twenty four hour care for your heating needs.

Cooling Services For All Your Residential And Commercial Needs

Your air conditioner is what keeps your family cool during those hot summer days. That’s why proper maintenance is such an important aspect of being a homeowner or owning a commercial building. Having skilled HVAC technicians is the best way you can ensure that your family continues to stay cool during the humid summer months in Maryland. With a variety of brands to choose from, we offer customers a large selection of options to fit their specific needs.

In fact, our skilled technicians have the expertise that is required for commercial cooling systems that often need a higher level of skill when compared to residential units. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that understands quality and expertise, look no further than Ambient Cooling and Heating.

The Essentials Of A Heat Pump

Many people are unaware of how heat pumps work. Turns out that they are an extremely important component to your HVAC system. They work by pumping heat in your house during the cold winter and pumping heat out of your house during the humid summer. In fact, heat pumps are an extremely affordable and easy way for you to save money on your energy bill. There are a variety of heat pumps to choose from like air-to-air and geothermal units.

What Is A Geothermal Unit?

Geothermal heating and cooling units are the latest and greatest innovations in the heating and cooling industry. They are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to heat and cool your home or office. In fact, geothermal units use renewable energy like the sun and earth to keep your home or office cool or warm depending on the time of the year. With a professional staff that is knowledgeable in all the variables that play a part in geothermal units, Ambient Cooling and Heating can provide you with a detailed estimate on the specific heating and cooling units that would provide you with the most benefit. In addition, if you decide to invest in a geothermal unit we have the expertise to fix and repairs that may occur. For instance, if your geothermal unit isn’t working properly, we can have someone there swiftly to locate the problem and fix it quickly.

All About The Boilers

Many homes use boilers to continue to keep rooms cozy and warm. In fact, we provide customers with the option of boiler installation, repairs, and scheduled preventative maintenance. The reason boilers are so important is because they use heated water to circulate the same heated water throughout your pipes. This provides you with a reliable source of warm water and air that is most commonly found in older homes and buildings.

Heating And Cooling Is Made Easier With Ambient Cooling & Heating

We use the latest technology to keep your home warm and cool throughout the year. With our knowledge and skills, we offer installation, repairs, and preventative maintenance that ensure you can stay comfortable in your home or commercial building. Are you interested in Heating and Cooling services? Call us today!

You can reach us at 410-761-0932 or contact us online. If you’re interested in more about heating and cooling services, visit us on our Facebook page or check us out on Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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