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Why it is Important to Keep the Humidity Levels of Your Home Balanced in the Summer

Why it is Important to Keep the Humidity Levels of Your Home Balanced in the Summer

Humidity plays a significant role in many aspects of your home.

Humidity plays a significant role in many aspects of your home. Along with its ability to affect the health of your family, it can also have structural effects on your home. For this reason, maintaining an optimal humidity level in your home is crucial throughout the year. In summer months, the humidity may naturally be higher due to rising temperatures and outdoor humidity levels. As you adjust the temperature of your home accordingly, consider the many reasons why it is also essential to monitor the humidity levels of your home in the warmest months of the year.

Humidity Can Affect Your Health

Excess moisture in your home can make it uncomfortable to breathe inside at various points in the year. Particularly in the summer, humid air in your home may be especially uncomfortable and feel heavy to breathe. High humidity levels can also affect other parts of your health, such as your ability to sleep at night because of your discomfort with the air. By maintaining cool and drier air in your home with cooler temperatures and a dehumidifier over the summer, you will experience fewer complications with breathing in your house.

Humidity Can Affect the Structure of Your Home

Too much humidity can be especially detrimental to wood and wallpaper throughout your home. Because wood is susceptible to mold through excess moisture, moist air in your home can cause the wood to rot, grow mold, and warp over time. Humidity can also affect wallpaper, causing it to peel and flake off of your walls due to the moisture levels in the air. Don’t let humidity affect your beautiful home design! Avoiding costly structural integrity of your home is maintained is another reason to make sure that humidity levels in your home are comfortably balanced throughout the year.

Identifying Excess Humidity in Your Home

There are many ways to identify high humidity levels in your home. The first is to look for any visible signs of deterioration within the interior of your home, such as warped wood, water stains on drywall or flaking wallpaper. Some less apparent signs include a lingering musty odor, general discomfort with breathing in your home, or small amounts of condensation on the inside of windows in your house.

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