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Are you looking to replace that old HVAC unit and want to know how long it will take? In this post we will discuss the type of jobs to replace your unit and how long it will take for you to enjoy your new unit.

Now that the warmer weather is upon us you may be thinking of finally replacing or getting a brand new HVAC unit in your home. One question that always comes up with the installation process is “How long is it going to take?”. Many factors impact the time needed to install your brand new HVAC. In this post, we will discuss those factors that will determine how long it will take for your new HVAC unit to be installed. Your home will be sufficiently be cooled and heated all year long with your new HVAC unit.

Size of Your Home

Do you live in a small two bedroom home or do you live in a giant mansion on the hill? Depending on your answer will give you an idea of how long it will take for your HVAC unit to be installed. If your house is small, hopefully, it won’t take too long, but if you have a huge house, it will probably take a few days. Another decision you will have to consider is how many of these units do you need replacing or how many new units you want to be installed in your home. If you need to have, one replaced it will be quick and painless, although if you need several units replaced or installed expect to wait a few days for everything to be done correctly.

Types of Jobs

When getting an HVAC unit, there are two types of jobs that could be done a change out or a full system replacement. A change out is when your furnace or air conditioning is being replaced,but the remaining equipment isn’t being changed. For example, if your air conditioner is acting up but all the other parts of your HVAC unit is okay just the air conditioner will be replaced. This job takes the least amount of time, about 8 hours to have whatever needs replacing to be replaced. Although if you need a full system replacement, then it will take a bit longer. This process is necessary if your entire HVAC system needs replacing that also means any ductwork and rewiring thermostats if necessary. Typically this process will take about three days but if there is any other work needed to be done it may increase to four.  


Many factors that will impact the time needed to get the HVAC installed. One of those factors is the location of your units. Is the unit located in an accessible location like in a closet or your basement? Or is the unit installed on top of your luxury condo that will require a crane to lift your new unit on your roof. If you answered yes to your unit is located on the roof this will cause the installation process to be a bit longer because of the workforce that’s needed. Although if you have a good contractor, he will take this into account and will hire more workers on his crew to compensate for the extra time needed for this job.

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