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A Guide to Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learn about several commercial hvac systems.

Check out this comprehensive guide to the types of HVAC systems available for commercial services:

Variable Air Volume

A single duct air system with varying airflow. VAV is characterized by a terminal reheat box for humidity and temperature control or a terminal fan for better zone control. Air temperature is either controlled according to heating/cooling demand or outside air temperature.

Constant Air Volume

Constant Air Volume (CAV) is a single duct air system that produces constant airflow. CAV is characterized by variable air temperature according to a call for heat or cooling from the thermostat.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

VRF uses a heat pump system with refrigerant as the heating and cooling vehicle. Because it uses a single condensing unit to serve multiple evaporators and a heat recovery option that allows heating and cooling mode to be run at the same time, it saves energy.  

Chilled Beams

Chilled beams are thermal units that condition the area. It works with a heating and cooling coil in one of two ways. Active chilled beams introduce air into the beam to increase capacity by increasing the induction. Passive chilled beams heat and cool based only on induction.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are characterized by moving energy from one location to another. The refrigeration process reverses between heating and cooling modes while the air source heat process uses outside air for heating and its heat sink for cooling.

Fan Coils and Blower Coils

These coils are characterized by a terminal unit that provides heat and cooling to an area. A dedicated outside air system provides ventilation air, which directly supplies air to the room or space. Fan coils feature an internal fan, heating cool, and cooling coil. Because of the fan, they are known for being loud systems.

Unit Ventilators

Built with an internal fan, and heating and/or cooling coil. The UV system provides ventilation air from the unit ventilation, which is then mixed with return air before conditioning the supply of air.

Ceiling Fans

Your normal ceiling fan is a stand-alone system used to cool a space.

Displacement Ventilation

It provides cool air at a low velocity. The air supply enters the room at the floor level and rises into the thermal plumes, which are formed by heat sources. Displacement Ventilation is known for being energy efficient.  

Geothermal and Hybrid Geothermal

Harnessing the internal energy of the earth, Geothermal systems transfer heat through a ground loop, pond or lake loop, or a well loop. The Hybrid version uses a heating and cooling element to offset peak usage.

Heating Tips from Ambient Cooling & Heating

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