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Geothermal Unit Maintenance Tips

Geothermal Unit

Learn how to care for your geothermal unit properly.

Geothermal units are unique systems that allow you to regulate the temperature in your home by harnessing the thermal energy of ground directly below your property. One of the biggest benefits of using this system is that it is low maintenance and requires minimal work on your part after it’s been installed. Its durability and reliability are major selling factors for many home and business owners. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance and to keep your system in top condition, here are a few geothermal maintenance tips to keep in mind.  


Like many of our home and office systems, the initial installation of the geothermal unit is crucial to its performance. Having a professional team install the system for you is key and will help ensure its lasting performance. Depending on the size of your home or office building, the unit must be comparable to service the space effectively and provide sufficient heating and cooling.  


Geothermal units use either a mixture of antifreeze and water or antifreeze alone. The levels of these liquids must be sufficient as it plays a crucial role in absorbing the thermal energy from the ground as it circulates through the loops in the system. Ensuring that the correct level is maintained in the geothermal unit will ensure that it operates as it should.


This unit is an underground system; therefore, dirt and debris are inevitable factors that you’ll have to contend with. Keeping the internal components of the system clean of these elements is essential to its proper function. During regular maintenance, a professional should make sure that the mechanical parts of the system are clean and clear of dirt and other debris.  


Geothermal systems use either plastic or copper piping. These elements are virtually maintenance free. However, during regular maintenance for the other components of the system, a professional should give them a visual inspection and ensure that there are no leaks or other issues present in the pipes.

Air Ducts

Not physically a part of the geothermal system itself, but the air ducts that help facilitate the flow of the heat and air that comes from the system should be clean and clear. Ensure that the air ducts are clear so that you are fully benefiting from the geothermal unit.

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