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Furnace Maintenance Tips

Technician Looking Over a Gas Furnace

Learn a few simple furnace maintenance tips.

It’s an essential part of your home heating system, so staying up to date with your furnace maintenance is important for the comfort of everyone that lives in and visits your home. Follow these steps to examine the condition of your furnace fully and to ensure that you are heating your home in a safe and efficient manner. Check out this list of furnace maintenance tips and, if necessary, consult a professional for more information and service.  

  • Before you begin maintenance on your furnace, make sure that it is receiving power. Inspect the condition of your fuses and circuit breakers. If your unit has a separate power switch, make sure that it is turned on.
  • Is the thermostat set properly? If not, raise the setting to the appropriate temperature.
  • If your home has a gas furnace, check to make sure that the pilot light is lit. If your furnace uses oil, make sure that you have an adequate supply of oil for your system.
  • When you’re doing maintenance work on your furnace, it should be completely turned off. You should remove the main fuse or trip the main circuit breaker.
  • If you’re finding that while the furnace is turned on, the fuse often blows or the circuit trips, then you’re likely dealing with a problem with the electrical system. In this case, it’s necessary to call a professional service who can do a more thorough inspection of the issue.
  • Are you beginning to smell gas in your home throughout the day while the furnace is on? If so, it is dangerous for you to try to shut off the gas yourself. Also, don’t turn any lights in your home on or off. Instead, exit your home immediately and leave doors and windows open to allow the fumes to escape. You are likely experiencing a gas leak and will need to call the gas company or fire department. Do not reenter you home until it has been deemed safe by professionals.
  • As a general rule, have your furnace inspected and serviced once a year. A great time to remember is after the heating system when prices are usually more competitive, and there is less demand for this type of service.

Heating Tips from Ambient Cooling & Heating

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