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Fall Rooftop Unit Maintenance Tips

HVAC Units on Building Rooftop

Learn how to properly care for your rooftop unit.

Failing to maintain important equipment, like rooftop units, can cost building owners regarding occupant comfort, operating costs, and equipment lifespan. It is so important to put a maintenance plan in place. Like any HVAC unit, you need to maintain your rooftop units regularly. Fall is the worst culprit, due to its temperamental weather pattern. So, with the following resourceful tips, keep your rooftop unit spick and span this fall:

Keep Your Rooftop Unit Running Smoothly

  • Perform a monthly operational check of the unit, making adjustments on controls and other components if and when required.
  • Regularly changing the filters will help increase airflow, while also improving indoor air quality. Airflow is the most common issue with rooftop units.
  • Cleaning is also an important maintenance measure during the fall. 
  • Ultraviolet lights can be installed on the rooftop units to help keep the evaporator coil clean between maintenance visits.
  • Clean electrical wiring and connections while tightening loose connections.

Leave It to the Professionals

A regular fall inspection prevents the need for repairs when they will be more costly or disruptive. If your rooftop is safe and you are physically able to access it, you may be able to perform some maintenance yourself. However, it’s always a good idea to seek properly trained professionals. In addition to inspecting your rooftops, ensure that you’re checking adjacent ceilings and walls for stains, or other indications that something could be wrong. 

Work for Your System So It Works for You!

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