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Everything You Wanted To Know About Split Air Conditioners

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Find out if split air conditioners are best for you!

Summer is here and that means heat, humidity, and lots of sweaty nights without an air conditioner. If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit for your home, it can be confusing to wade through all of the options on the market and decide which one is perfect for your home and your needs. Here are some of the most important things for you to know when shopping for a split air conditioner.

Split Air Conditioners 101

A split air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that is actually composed of two separate units, one that is a condensing unit and another that is an evaporator coil. These two units combine to create the air conditioner when they are joined by a “line-set,” or type of copper tubing that moves refrigerant between the two units. Split air conditioners are surprisingly common throughout neighborhoods and cities across the country.


The easiest way to determine whether or not you already have a split air conditioner is checking to see how many parts your air conditioner has. If you have one portion of your air conditioning unit inside, like in the attic or in a special closet, you have a split air conditioner. If your air conditioner is one piece that sits outside or on a roof, and ductwork going inside of the roof or home, you have a packaged air conditioning unit.

Why Are Split Air Conditioners In Two Pieces?

Obviously, the largest difference between a packaged air conditioner and a split air conditioner is their size. Split air conditioners are a whopping three times larger than a single packaged unit, once you line up the parts together. Why are they so large? The split in the two units actually creates a highly energy-efficient unit with SEER ratings into the 20s. Split air conditioners are also convenient because they can easily be tucked away in a hidden spot, like an attic or a garage.

Split Air Conditioners: What You Need To Decide

Split air conditioners are typically less expensive to repair and to keep in good condition. Split air conditioners are also quieter than traditional units since they are housed in two different places. Still on the fence? Give the air conditioning experts at Ambient Cooling & Heating a call today!

Split Air Conditioners From Ambient Cooling & Heating

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