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The Connection Between Attic Ventilation And Air Conditioner Efficiency

attic venitlation

A ventilated attic is essential for your air conditioning needs.

Unless your attic is fully finished, you probably want to avoid that part of your home as often as possible. Consider a hot summer day when humidity is at it’s highest. Your attic’s temperature is likely to rise. However, when you have the proper ventilation systems installed, you can immediately eliminate any ridiculously hot temperatures from your attic. In fact, all it takes to bring your attic temperature down to match the outdoor temperature is some proper ventilation.

Attics Are Constantly Full Of Hot Air

Since they are the closest thing to the hot sun, attics get beat up when the hot summer months come around. In fact, your air conditioner works to combat the heat from a variety of avenues. There’s the sunlight beaming through all of your windows, massive steam coming from your kitchen, and just overall body heat from family and pets. As a result, all that heat needs to be tackled by your air conditioner. Now, unless you really plan on creating a living space in your attic there is absolutely no reason that you would need to seal your HVAC vents there. However, installing fans in your attic can easily provide the proper ventilation to reduce the heat up there in your home.

There Is Moisture Up There As Well

It’s not just the heat that you need to be concerned about in your attic. Due to it’s dark and small space, attics typically are a hot bed for excess moisture which can cause mold throughout your home and destroy the structure itself. In fact, having an excess of moisture in your attic can have severe consequences. Making sure that you are able to reduce the moisture that is collected in your attic is important for all homeowners. Therefore, installing proper ventilation systems up in the attic can reduce your chance of developing mold in your home.

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