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Why Changing Your Furnace Filter is Important

Learn why changing your furnace filter is important.

Learn why changing your furnace filter is important.

When was the last time you changed out your HVAC units filter? If you can’t remember, it’s time to start a new habit. Replacing your filter according to the factory suggested timeframe (or more often in some cases) is an essential step to ensuring your entire home is in great shape. Keeping your filter clean has many benefits and is critical to the safety of the unit.

Extend Your HVAC Unit Life

To start, keeping your filters clean is critical for the long term life of your heating and cooling unit. As the filter gets dirty, it can allow particles to get into the system, this can damage the parts and cause overheating that can lead to breaks and dangerous fires. When the filter is too dirty your unit will have to work harder than needed which can push it to an early grave.

Decrease Energy Costs

When your system is working harder than it needs to the increased power use will translate directly to increased energy costs. If you consider that the average home spends $2,200 a year on heating and cooling, lowering that rate by 5-15% with the help of regularly changed filters can add up.  

Improve Air Quality

Dust, pollen, and dander can quickly add up in your home, and your air filter is one of the best ways to help improve your indoor air quality. Changing out your filter regularly helps to ensure that the air being pushed throughout your home is as clean as possible. If you have pets, active children, or live with anyone who has allergies, replacing the filter slightly more often than recommended may benefit you. When in doubt, check to see the condition of the filter, no matter the age, if it looks dirty it’s time for a replacement.

Keep The Entire System Cleaner

When your system’s filter is clean, it can help to keep the rest of the unit clean as well. This is because your air filter is one of the first places that air must pass through, if it is able to move cleanly at entry, it won’t push any grime through. As your filter gets older and dirty, some of this dirt will begin to make its way into your unit and the ducts, leading to further cleaning costs and needs.

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