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How to Care for Your Rooftop Unit During Winter

HVAC Units on Building Rooftop

Learn how to take care of your rooftop unit during the winter.

One of the most important factors of your HVAC system is the air conditioning. It keeps you cool and comfortable all throughout the summer, but it’s also important to remember your unit in the winter. Take the time during the winter to ensure that it’s in top, operating condition so it will keep cool when the temperatures start to warm up during the summer. With the rest of your rooftop maintenance, don’t forget to winterize your rooftop unit in your plans.


  • To get started, you’ll have to locate the air conditioning circuit, which you can identify by its metal or plastic lid. Inside, it houses the electrical circuit that powers the rooftop unit. Ensure that it’s turned off before you start maintenance, to prevent it from turning on if the temperatures happen to rise high enough. This keeps water from getting trapped inside the unit and freezing in the winter.
  • Use a hose to wash away any dirt, debris, bugs, and other environmental elements that may have built up on the surface of the unit. It’s important that you allow the unit to dry completely to avoid any rust or other damage from accumulating from prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Foam pipe covers and great options for protecting exposed pipes. This will insulate the pipes in winter weather. Use duct tape to secure the foam in place around the pipes.
  • If you don’t already have one, cover the rooftop unit with a vinyl or plastic cover. It’s important that the cover you choose is waterproof to protect the unit from too much moisture exposure.
  • Visit your local hardware or outdoor store to find bungee cords or other vinyl ropes. You’ll use them to secure the air conditioning cover from the previous step. Ensure that it’s secured tightly so that high winds won’t blow it off into yours or your neighbor’s yard.
  • During the winter, inspect your air conditioner once a week to ensure that the foam wraps and waterproof cover are still where they should be, to keep it protected throughout the season.  


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