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The Best Time To Buy An Air Conditioning Unit

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Is summer really the best time to buy an air conditioning unit?

Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? Is your HVAC unit just not spitting out refreshingly cool air like it used to? It’s time to upgrade! A new air conditioner is not only an investment in your home, it’s also an investment in your family’s health and happiness. If you are wondering when the best time to buy a new air conditioner is, read on for our best advice.

The Winter

The conventional wisdom is that the best time to buy just about anything is off season. Shop for your winter coats in the summer when they are on clearance, purchase summer vacation packages in the winter when they are deeply discounted, and more. However, that isn’t always true for air conditioners. While some retailers and manufacturers offer great discounts during the off months, they also offer great discounts during the peak of the season. In the winter, any heating and cooling company is just as busy as they are during the summer, they will just be working on heating units instead of cooling units. If your heating unit needs repairs, why not upgrade your air conditioning unit at the same time?

Off Season

Winter is not the best time of year to purchase a new air conditioner—spring or fall is! The two times of the year where most people are not actively using their heating or cooling units is always the best time of year to have repairs completed and new units installed. The spring and fall are also seasons where homeowners will put off maintenance and small repairs until they become bigger problems. As a result, spring and fall are the two best times of year to purchase a new air conditioner. You will receive the same top-notch service and also be able to take advantage of deep discounts and great rebates on your new air conditioner.

Don’t Go For The Lowest Price

Last, but not least, don’t always go with the lowest price. Many heating and cooling contractors get 25-30% of their business from homes that went with the cheapest option and now need major repairs or a replacement. Whenever you buy your new air conditioner, make sure that you are choosing a qualified company, not just the cheapest one.

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