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Air Conditioner Maintenance

AC Maintenance

Do you want to make sure that your air conditioner unit is running perfectly before those hot summer temperatures come? With these tips, your unit will be running perfectly.

With warmer weather on the horizon making sure your AC is working properly is imperative for you, your family and pets to stay cool during the summer months. With these maintenance tips, you and your family will be comfortably enjoying the weather outside while your home stays cool with your air conditioner unit. Along with these tips make sure you join an annual maintenance plan that will make sure your air conditioner unit will stay running perfectly all year long. 

Remove Debris

Most air conditioner units are outside of your home and are susceptible to debris falling on it and possibly damaging it. Especially be wary of this during the fall months because of falling leaves and twigs. If there is a thunderstorm during the summer make sure to come out the next day and remove any branches that may have fallen. Also, make sure that no trees or shrubs and growing near or in the unit to make sure the coils aren’t damaged. Also, when cutting your lawn unknowingly, you may be causing more debris to damage your AC unit. So once you’re done that chore make sure to clean up any grass that may have made its way to the unit.

Air Filters

It is essential with any appliance that has filters that you maintain whatever appliance it may be. With air conditioning units making sure the filters are maintained and clean is vital especially if you have any pets or allergies. The filters in the unit help shelter you and your family from any pollen or allergens that may cause you or anyone in your home to have an allergy flare up. During the spring months, it’s a good idea for you to replace the filters more frequently than required. By keeping the filters well-maintained, it will keep your home feeling refreshed and fresh all year long.  

Keep Those Coils Clean

An Air Conditioner coil is a part of the unit that absorbs the heat from the air in your house and holds the refrigerant that produces the cool air that is blown back into your home. This part is susceptible to being covered in dirt and debris causing it to become clogged so making sure this part is maintained is essential. Some coils have fans on them to collect even more to cool your house even better. So make sure you check the fans consistently to make sure that the part isn’t blocked and your unit won’t be able to perform at it’s best.

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