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5 Tips to Prepare Your A/C Unit for Fall

5 Tips to Prepare Your A/C Unit for Fall

With fall approaching in the coming weeks, it’s time to get your A/C ready for the season.

With fall approaching in the coming weeks, it’s time to get your A/C ready for the season. Getting a head start on winterizing your system is a great way to beat the rush of busy heating and cooling professional schedules, plus it gives you plenty of time to make any repairs or replacements you may need.

Schedule A System Check Up

As you prepare your home for fall, schedule a system checkup with a local professional. Not only will your system thank you for the extra maintenance, but you’ll help increase the lifespan of your A/C unit by having any problems taken care of early. While there is plenty of maintenance you can perform yourself, there are other things best left to professionals, such as oiling motors and checking belts.

Clean Or Replace The Air Filter

Air filters should usually be changed or cleaned once a month and always at the end of the season. Keeping filters clean can help prevent indoor air pollution, minimize issues with allergies, and avoid a buildup of dust and debris.

Remove Debris

By the time fall comes around it’s likely that your outdoor A/C unit is showing signs of the season. Built-up grime, dead leaves and branches, and even grass from mowing can get caught up in and around the unit. Careful cleaning at the end of summer and again once the trees have lost their leaves is essential.  

Clean The Coils

After a summer full of rain and dust, your A/C unit coils will be quite grimy. This buildup of dirt can reduce airflow causing heat absorption and for it to not run at its full potential. Giving a quick clean to these coils will get them good as new once more.

Add Insulation

With the temperature dropping your unit can use extra help to stay warm. Adding insulation is a great way to go this. Try adding foam pipe covers to any exposed areas, especially those leading into the house. This can not only help keep your home warmer and increase efficiency, but it will also prevent any cracks or pipe breaks due to freezing temperatures.

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