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5 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Issues

5 Common Causes of Air Conditioning Issues

You can easily tell when your air conditioning unit requires a maintenance check-up by identifying these common issues with air conditioning.

Few things are as terrible as going through the summer without air conditioning. In the hot summer weather, air conditioning is a luxury that is difficult and brutal to go without. This is why it is particularly important to maintain your air conditioning by making any necessary repairs as needed. You can easily tell when your air conditioning unit requires a  maintenance check-up by identifying these common issues with air conditioning.

Dirty Condenser Coils

It is quite easy for the condenser coils in your air conditioning unit to collect dirt and debris over time. If a condenser coil is too dirty, it will hurt the airflow of the air conditioning unit and hinder their ability to absorb heat. Luckily, this requires no serious repairs, just a little maintenance from a professional that can properly clean them.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Another common issue you may find yourself having is that your thermostat appears to be broken or malfunctioning. Thermostat problems are most commonly found among older thermostat units, such as one with a dial, usually resulting in your air conditioner not receiving the right instructions from your thermostat. These repairs are easy to make as it just means your thermostat just needs to be replaced or recalibrated.

Troublesome Leaks

Unfortunately, leaks are an awful and common problem in air conditioning units. Luckily, most leaks only require easy repairs or maintenance to be done to become functioning again, typically resulting in holes being filled and leaked Freon being replaced. Bigger repairs usually require replacement of the whole unit.

System Clogs

A clog is an especially problematic issue as the water that backs up can easily damage your system. This often occurs when proper maintenance is not done as frequently as required, causing the drain in the unit to clog or the pan to become full. However, as stated, as long as you are staying on top of proper maintenance needs, clogs are not something you will need to worry about, despite how common they are.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

The most obvious and common issue with your air conditioning you may have will be that you simply do not feel comfortable in your house. This could be a sign of one of the previously mentioned issues or something else entirely. This could even mean that it is beyond the capability to go about any repairs or maintenance, and a new unit entirely may be needed.

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