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5 Benefits of Rooftop Units for Your HVAC System

5 Benefits of Rooftop Units for Your HVAC System

Because rooftop units are simple, easy to install modular, they are also easy to incorporate into existing systems or move as needed.

Not only are rooftop units an excellent way to cool or heat your home or business, but they are also a great way to save money and keep your space energy efficient throughout the year. If you are considering a new HVAC system for your residential or commercial space, consider these five benefits of a rooftop unit for your system.

Convenient for Space and Function

Because rooftop units are simple, easy to install modulars, they are also easy to incorporate into existing systems or move as needed. This is especially convenient for shifting multiple units around your roof to accommodate a need for multiple units at a time. Having multiple units is especially useful for larger spaces such as commercial offices, in which there may be multiple preferred temperature settings for different rooms within the building.

Clean and Quiet

In addition to being physically cleaner than ground units, rooftop units also reduce the amount of noise around your building. Because they are removed from earshot of your building entrances, they greatly reduce noise pollution in the vicinity of your home or business.

Easy to Maintain

Rooftop units are easily maintained and accessed by professionals if repairs are needed. Their location on the roof of your building makes them easily accessible with almost no disruption to your day. While they still require basic maintenance for upkeep and repairs, they are more convenient and easy to maintain throughout the year than ground units, as well as more energy efficient thanks to their energy-saving features such as air volume controls, dampers, and thermal wheels.

Save Space Around Your Property

By installing your HVAC unit on your roof, you are saving space around the perimeter of your property. This will not only allow for easier maintenance of your landscape, but it will also help you to maximize the use of your outdoor space with more productive or visually appealing accessories for your home or business.

Secure Location for Your System

Your roof is much more secure than the ground on your property. A rooftop unit makes it much more difficult for your HVAC parts to be stolen, vandalized, or damaged. This also keeps your unit safe from debris or dirt that may negatively affect your system such as inclement weather.

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