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4 HVAC Maintenance Myths that You Should Never Follow

4 HVAC Maintenance Myths that You Should Never Follow

For many homeowners, HVAC maintenance can be an especially confusing and complicated topic in home improvement.

For many homeowners, HVAC maintenance can be an especially confusing and complicated topic in home improvement. While there are some helpful resources out there to help you along, there is also a significant amount of maintenance myths that can steer you in the wrong direction with your HVAC system. Find out which HVAC advice you should not be following with these four maintenance myths debunked.

“The location of my thermostat will not affect its ability to heat and cool rooms in my home.”

Although the location of your thermostat may seem insignificant, it can play an important role in the ability of your system to heat and cool your home throughout the year. However, if your thermostat is placed too close to windows or vents, your system may shut down too early and fail to cool or heat your home as you need it to.

“Routine maintenance is unnecessary for my HVAC system.”

Much like any other piece of complex machinery, your HVAC system requires an annual checkup to inspect for potential problems or errors with its efficiency. By allowing a professional to inspect your HVAC annually, you are saving yourself time, money, and future stress surrounding your system down the road.

“Buying an energy efficient unit is all it takes to save money on my energy bill.”

Your energy efficient unit is a great start to ensure that you are saving money on your energy bill. However, the efficiency of your system is also dependent upon other features in your home. If your windows or doors are not properly sealed, your unit may be working harder than you think to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

“I only need to change my filter once a year.”

For clean and comfortable air in your home, your filter should be changed every couple of months to ensure that it stays clean and efficient for your unit. Failing to change your filter as necessary could release dusty, allergen filled air into your space.

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