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3 Winter Boiler Tips

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Learn how to maintain your boiler during the winter.

Winter is officially here. With the cold air comes the need to rely on your boiler to help keep you warm and comfortable throughout the season. You’re probably reading a lot of articles about winter tips to keep your home, car, and even your body healthy in the cold. When it comes to your boiler, in addition to keeping you warm in your home, here are a few tips that will also help you conserve energy. It all comes down to service and maintenance.


  • Radiators


Make sure to watch and be mindful of the function of your radiators. Over the year, air becomes trapped and accumulates inside. Purge your radiators by twisting the purging valve with a screwdriver. Make sure to have a receptacle on hand to catch any water that comes out so as not to ruin your carpet. Twist the valve slowly until you hear a whistling sound from the radiator. Close the purging valve once the whistling stops and you see water droplets coming out. This tip allows the radiators to function more efficiently as air inside will cause uneven warmth.  


  • Pressure


The normal operating pressure of your boiler should be between 1.2 and 1.5 bars. To check that your boiler pressure is within those bars, turn it on and then, after a few minutes, check the numbers. If you find that the pressure is too high, use the radiator purge method to release some of the air. If you find that the pressure is too low, the method is to open the tap, which allows more water in to reach the heating circuit.


  • Cleaning


Boiler maintenance relies on regular service and cleaning. You can handle most of these tasks yourself, but in some cases, it will be necessary to have a professional technician take a look at your system. In terms of what you can do yourself, clean your boiler by checking the joints and air grilles. Ensure that they are clear and that nothing is obstructing it from operating correctly. For the joints, ensure that no air is getting in.  

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