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3 Types of Furnaces for Your House

3 Types of Furnaces for Your House
What kind of furnace is in your house? Read on to learn about three main types of furnaces.

It’s summer, and the heat is coming on full. The last thing you are probably thinking about is your furnace. If your furnace is older or was showing signs of breaking down last winter, however, you may want to consider what the options are for your next furnace. Perhaps you are just interested in learning more about your own house’s heating system. In the post below, we’ll go over the three main types of furnaces you can have for your house.

Gas Furnace

There are three types of gas furnaces. A single-stage system will be able to heat up your home in the coldest of winters. These are also inexpensive systems, and a new system may likely save on more money than an old furnace. The downside is that a single-stage gas furnace only has one setting: high. When it blows in spurts, this can create cold and warm spaces in your home. 

A two-stage system, however, is more efficient. This system will use small amounts of energy and has more ability to adjust according to the needs of the house. Because it runs more continuously, it gives better indoor air quality. It has a more expensive up-front cost, but it will save in the long run. 

A modulation system gives the most comfort out of the three systems. It too is more expensive but also is cost-effective. A modulation system only uses energy as it needs, adjusts to work as the house needs, and also has a computer-controlled thermostat. It is the newest type of gas furnace on the market.

Propane Furnace

Meanwhile, propane furnaces also have something to offer. It is perhaps the most reliable type of heating system, since propane is a fuel that can still keep going when electricity and gas companies go out. It is energy-efficient, green, and reliable. Propane furnaces, no matter where or for what house they are, must be installed outside of the house for safety reasons. Propane is combustible. Nevertheless, a propane furnace is a popular and efficient way to go.

Electric Furnace

Lastly, the electric furnace too has its pros and cons. The electric furnace is inherently cheaper to buy and to install. Unfortunately, it also costs more long-term because of the electricity costs. A couple of an electric furnace’s benefits are that it is a quiet machine and has a long lifespan, usually lasting over 20 years. 

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