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3 Top Heat Pump Brands 2019

3 Top Heat Pump Brands 2019
Heat pumps come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing the best brands is a must. Learn more here!

Heat pumps are ingenious machines that regulate the temperature of your home throughout the year by transfering heat outside or inside your home. They are a heater and an air conditioner at the same time! They also have their pros and cons; for example, a heat pump might need more maintenance or it may need a supplemental heating system when it’s below freezing outside. At the same time, heat pumps take up less room and avoid the hazards of gas and propane. If a heat pump sounds right for you, take a look at three of the best heat pump brands of 2019.


When judging a good heat pump, there’s a few criteria to keep in mind. Quality, warranty, installation, and price are good ways to measure the overall value. The three following brands make three of the top ten by heat pump experts.


Goodman ranks one of the topmost heat pump brands by experts. Goodman is both of quality-make and affordable. With four models total to choose from, Goodman makes their own parts, has a good warranty, and is an overall great value.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi may make quality cars, but they also make quality heat pumps. Unlike other competitors, their heat pump units serve to cool or heat whatever room you’re in versus the whole house. This is a European and Japanese style, and also gives the good argument of better efficiency. The downside is their price. At the same time, the feature of a Flash-Injection Bypass Circuit makes their heat pump possibly more effective than others at lower temperatures.


Trane is a reliable brand when it comes to quality and installation. Heftier in commercial system expertise, residential heat pumps are also sturdy machines. They have good customer service, which is a major plus. Trane is a strong brand with a slightly better-than-average heat pump warranty; unfortunately, their heat pump units are more expensive and may be hard to clean.

All in all, Goodman, Mitsubishi Electric, and Trane are all superb heat pump brands. Quality, warranty, price, and installation service make them overall good values. To learn more, call Ambient Cooling & Heating today!

Heat Pump Services from Ambient Cooling & Heating

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